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Pokhara – the adventure capital of Nepal

Pokhara is a beautiful city in Nepal’s western region that is known as the country’s adventure capital. Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, including the Annapurna range, and home to several natural lakes and rivers, Pokhara is a popular destination for tourists who come to experience the thrill of activities such as paragliding, bungee jumping, kayaking, and ultralight flying. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Pokhara has something for everyone. During my 12-day stay, I was able to try most of these adventure activities.

Ultralight flying is a high-flying adventure activity in Pokhara. I took a thrilling 30-minute flight with Avia Club that took me up close to the snow-capped peaks of the Annapurna Range, while also providing me with a bird’s-eye view of the bustling city below. You can choose between three flight durations, as well as an open or closed two-seated aircraft.

In Pokhara, paragliding is a popular activity. You launch from the Sarangkot paragliding takeoff site and glide through the air, soaring above the city while taking in the breathtaking views of the lakes below and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. I went paragliding with Peace Himalayan, whose owner is one of the most experienced paragliding pilot in Pokhara.

Bungee jumping was an adventure I was looking forward to, and I was not disappointed. It gave me heart-pumping adrenaline rush as I jumped off a platform against the backdrop of the mighty Himalaya, plummeting towards the ground, only to be caught by a bungee cord. The freefall lasted for five seconds before reaching the bottom of the 230-foot (70-meter) drop from the tower platform.

I also got to experience the thrill of the world’s most extreme zip line, which is 1850 meters long and has a drop of over 600 metres, reaching speeds of 100 kilometres per hour. Both of these activities are conducted by HighGround Adventures.

Whitewater rafting was another activity I tried for the first time. Organised by Cross River Rafting the adventure on an inflatable raft with four other South Koreans lasted about three hours as we were tossed around through the Seti River’s continuous rapids.

Another popular activity is kayaking, with the beautiful Phewa Lake providing the perfect backdrop for a peaceful paddle through the water. I didn’t get to kayak this time, but I hope to do so on my next visit to Pokhara.

With my friends Suraj, Gowin, and Ranjit, I went on two treks: one through the forest to the World Peace Stupa at the top of the mountain, and the other to the old power plant. I had cycled to the stupa a few days prior, stopping at the Tibetan colony, Davis Falls, and Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave on the way back.

I also went on the Annapurna Cable Car, the newest attraction in Pokhara that connects the lakeside to the famous view point of Sarangkot. The distance is approximately 2400 metres, with an ascent of 2100 metres, and it took 10 minutes to reach the summit.

Overall, Pokhara is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience the thrill of adventure sports in a stunning natural setting.







Whitewater Rafting Pokhara

Zipline at HighGround Pokhara

Bungee Jumping at HighGround Pokhara


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